Integrate for Good – Website

Integrate for Good approached us to create a website for their newly launched nonprofit. Integrate for Good empowers people of all abilities to contribute their time and talent to their community. With a lot of information and wide reach, we had to find a way to convey it all, while not being overwhelming.

The first thing visitors are greeted with is a dynamic video background, with CTA links to get involved and watch the Impact Video we created for Integrate for Good.

To give first time visitors an overview of Integrate for Good, we designed the home page to have overviews of each subsection of the website. Using a single page layout allowed us to space the content out, so it doesn’t feel overwhelming. Utilizing large blocks of color allows us to display an overview without distraction, and easily link to a page with more details.

We also included an easy way for visitors to make donations. If a visitor is on an Apple device and has Apple Pay set up, the donation page automatically allows for an easy and user friendly checkout experience. For everyone else, Credit Cards and PayPal work just as well.

If you’re a nonprofit and need a website, contact us!