Perkiomen Valley Brewery

Perkiomen Valley Brewery came to us with a unique vision, build a website that is just as accessible as their brewery, while maintaining an aesthetic that is pleasing and welcoming to everyone. We worked with PVB every step of the way, to make the site match PVB’s design and brand.

The website uses Dyslexie, a font that makes reading easier for people with dyslexia. The entire website is also formatted for VoiceOver, so people with visual impairments can navigate the website easily. VoiceOver optimism is something we do for every website we work on.

The website also features a responsive design, so no matter what device you are on, the website will always look fantastic. Having a website be useable on every device, helps with the website’s overall Accessibility. Accessibility is an important requirement for website but, a lot of web designers just over look it.

This was an amazing project and we look forward to working with Perkiomen Valley Brewery again in the near future!